Tuition & Policies

The registration fee is $30 per family. This fee is due at the time of the application. 

Each group class is $50 per month.

Each private class is $70 per month. 

Tuition will be paid on the first of every month.
*If you are more than two weeks late you will not be allowed to attend class until tuition is paid.

The costume fee for each class is due by February 1 
*This will vary with each class, but will never be more than $60

Picture Day is in April 13, 2024
*The photographer will have packages available and will pay the photographer directly 

There will be a $50 Showcase Fee due by May 1 
*This includes two tickets to the show

Cancelation Policy

If the teacher cancels you will be credited $10 to your account.

If you cancel nothing will be credited to your account and there will be no make-up class scheduled.

We will not do make-up classes.

Please call or text our DCSA director, Victoria Shurr, at (716) 951-9402 if you need to cancel your lesson. We will contact the appropriate staff to inform them of the cancellation.

Refund Policy

DCSA does not offer refunds of any kind. 

Student Policy

Students must show up on time. 

Students must be in dress code.

Students must be respectful to teachers.

Parent Policy

You must treat students, teachers, and other parents with respect. 

Encourage practicing at home.

If you have any questions please contact our director, Victoria Shurr 716-951-9402 or email