About Us

My name is Victoria and I am the Director here. When I was four years old I took my first dance class and fell in love. I grew up always going to dance and learning many different kinds of dance. As I got older, there were many things I did not like about the dance world.  I did not feel comfortable with many of the music and costume choices. I hated all the pressure and competition that was within the studios. It took up a lot of our family’s time.

When I graduated high school, I decided to go to Australia. I attended Hillsong Bible College where I studied dance and helped with their dance studio. I realized that a dance studio could be fun and family-friendly. I then had a dream to return home to Buffalo and start my dream which has become Dream Center School of the Arts.

At Dream Center School of the Arts, we offer many different types of arts, not just dance.  My main goals are to make you feel welcome, at home, like family, and comfortable with everything we do. We want you to feel comfortable with all the music and costume choices. We don’t want your kids to feel pressure. We want everyone to have fun.