Pay with Venmo

Payments made using Venmo are processed through the Buffalo Dream Center.

*Please indicate DCSA, the student’s name, and the class/lesson the payment is for as the description.

Payment Amounts:

  • Trial classes/lessons: $15 each
  • Annual registration: $30
  • 1-month group class: $55
  • 1-month private lesson: $75
  • 3-month group class: $165
  • 3-month private lesson: $225
  • Annual group class (10 months): $550
  • Annual private lessons (10 months): $750

Pay another way

To pay using a check, please make your check payable to: Buffalo Dream Center or BDC. Indicate DCSA payment in the memo field.

Mail your check to: Buffalo Dream Center, Attn: DCSA, 286 Lafayette Avenue, Buffalo, NY, 14213.

Please contact DCSA if you would like to make a payment using cash or another way: